Grilled by a Uniformed Chef on a station

Pre-marinated vegetables to include eggplant, asparagus, yellow and green peppers, corn on the cob, red onion, zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom and baby carrot

New Potato

With rosemary & garlic

Grilled Stuffed Home Made Cottage Cheese

Served with a creamy morel sauce

Bar - be - cued vegetables on a bed of Couscous

Broccoli, Brussels sprout, artichoke, sweet peppers, mushrooms, jackfruit, ladyfinger

Bamboo shoots

Served with piquant mustard guacamole Sauce

Char-grilled Avocados

With ratatouille

Char-grilled Corn on the cob with garlic butter crust

Blanched corn smeared with garlic butter

Tomato & Olive Lasagne

Layered with salsa, basil with nutmeg & Stuffed with spinach & corn with cream sauce drizzled with crushed peppercorn, béchamel sauce

Sautéed Tofu, Bell Peppers, Onions

Stir-fried colorful bell peppers, julienne of tofu, red onions, celery, grated fresh ginger, garlic, lemongrass, vegetarian oyster sauce & light soya sauce

Batatas Bravas

Char-grilled cube of potatoes tossed in Bravas sauce made with Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise & Tabasco

Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables

With basil pesto

Chili Edam And Corn Cake Panini

Double grilled sandwich in sour dough bread with chili Edam, tomato, onion and corn cake

Mini Vegetable Burger With Aged Cheddar Cheese

Grilled baby vegetable burger stuffed in toasted brioche with iceberg lettuce, tomato & remoulade dressing

Spiced Potato Karaoke Sandwich

Breaded and spiked with wasabi, potato cake served with dressing made with malt vinegar, light soya and dark soya sauce, tamarind paste

Roasted Jacket Potato

With rosemary & garlic

Baked Sweet Potato with Cranberry
Char-grilled Artichokes* (subject to availability)

With ratatouille

Fries-Station served in paper cones

With Peri sauce, melted cheese, hot chili sauce and curry mayonnaise

Assorted Panini made live

Made with pita bread

Vegetable Persian Kidney Bean Wrap

Kidney beans cooked in orange juice, cinnamon flavored & served with Tahina, salad Hummus in a pita pocket

Brazilian barbecued Pineapple-Abacaxi

Grilled pineapple with a spicy tamarind sauce

Swiss Raclette

Raclette, a magnificent melting cheese, soft & supple, creamy & delicious…The dish originated in the Valais region of Switzerland where herders use to heat up their cheese over a campfire along with potatoes and pickles…It’s a welcome change at dinnertime… especially in the heart of winter when it’s cold outside. The rich nutty, sweet and slightly fruity flavor is irresistible. 

Served with

Small and firm boiled potatoes, pickled onions, gherkins, sliced vegetables like sweet pepper, tomato, onion, tossed baby carrots, blanched leeks, assorted olives, mushrooms, homemade spaetzle and drizzled with black pepper from a peppermill



Romaine Caesar Salad

Lettuce, diced tomato, black beans, corn kernels & Parmesan cheese, tossed with lime Cesar salsa dressing

Roasted French Potato Salad

Roasted baby potato, red pepper, green beans, red onion, olives, tossed in homemade rosemary vinaigrette

Greek with feta cheese

Cucumber, onions, peppers, lettuce, matured bread & feta cheese in olive oil vinaigrette

Assorted Breads

Barbecue & Grill / KEBABRIE STATION

Kebabrie Station Vegetarian

Dahi Ke Kebab

Hung yoghurt paste, roasted gram flour, red chili, cloves, cardamom, black peppercorn powder, pan fried and tossed in brown onion paste and chopped ginger & fried garlic

Kamal Kakri Ke Shammi

Boiled and grated lotus stem and channa dal paste bound with chopped onions, roasted gram powder, green chilies, and red chili powder

Tandoori Broccoli & Gobi

Marinated in mustard oil, double cream

Vegetarian Gillawati Kebab with Ultey Tawa Ka Parantha

Spicy vegetarian kebab shallow fried in ghee

Stuffed Aloo Kebab

Baby Potatoes stuffed with green chilly pickle and sattu powder roasted on a char-grill

Tandoori Phalhari Platter

Assorted fruits and vegetables like green apple, pineapple, kamrak, mushroom, amla, jimmikand marinated in orange and lime marinade, cider vinegar, and barbecued

Aloo Chapli Kebab

Potato mash, crushed coriander seeds, powdered anardana, Bengal gram powder, tomatoes, chopped onions & green chilies, mint, shallow fried

Anjeer Aur Akhroat Ke Goolar Kebab

“Goolar is the Indian wild fig. As the name suggests this kebab is made with soaked figs and chopped walnuts coated with poppy seeds deep fried

Amritsari Paneer fried Finger on skewers

Spicy paneer batons Amritsari masala and deep-fried

Mungfali & Naryal Stuffed Tikki

A patty of aloo stuffed with peanuts & grated coconut leaves shallow fried

Tandoori Mushroom

Stuffed mushroom caps with tandoori masala

Stuffed Aloo Kebab

Baby Potatoes stuffed with green chilly pickle and sattu powder roasted on a char-grill

Tandoori Bhutta

Whole corn smeared with tandoori masala barbecued

Harra Kebab

Mashed green lentils, green chilly, ginger & barbecued on skewers

Khatta Aloo Kebab

Stuffed potatoes marinated with a tangy marinade made with tamarind juice

Kale Channa Kebab

Grilled black gram patty, chopped fresh mint leaves

Mung and Adrak ke Kebab

A patty of mung dal soaked over night and ground with ginger and fresh fenugreek leaves shallow fried

Kathal Ke Kebab

Shallow fried patty made with boiled jackfruit and Bengal gram paste with raw mango, onions, green chili, and mint leaves

Paneer Tikka Chatpatta

Cubes of cottage cheese stuffed with tomato & garlic chutney

Kale Channa Kebab

Grilled black gram patty, chopped fresh mint leaves

Arbi Ke kebab

Blanched and flattened arbi coated with garam masala, chat masala, rice powder, pan grilled

Paneer ka Soola

Cubes of cottage cheese, smoked with cloves, marinated with onion paste, garlic & red chilies and barbecued

Dilruba Kebab

Coarsely ground boiled soya chunks and channa dal, hung yoghurt, corn flour, lemon juice, stuffed with cream and shallow fried

Barbecue & Grill / Oriental Barbecue & Grill

Oriental Barbecue & Grill


Char-grilled pieces of potatoes, eggplant, okras, spinach, shitake mushroom, water chestnut, and capsicum grilled with yakitori sauce

Robata-Yaki Vegetables

Baby corn, asparagus, shitake, potatoes, palm heart, cucumber broccoli, tofu that are marinated with Kikkoman sauce, mirin wine and char grilled on a skewer

Tappan yaki


Zucchini, carrots, oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, noodles, rice, assorted peppers, bamboo shoot, coriander, snow peas, Pak Choy, Chinese cabbage, spinach, beans sprouted, cauliflower, broccoli, spring onions, tofu

Barbeque Sauces

Yellow curry, chilly oil, green curry sauce, black bean sauce, hot bean sauce, teriyaki sauce, ginger, garlic water, tamarind & ginger


A Japanese pancake, made with batter, egg fuyong, noodle, shredded cabbage and vegetables or meats

Accompanied with


Kim chi Bar

Traditional Korean Pickles made with vegetables, wrapped cucumber, lotus root pickle, cabbage & cucumber, stuffed eggplant, stuffed green tomato, green onion, radish & radish leaves, whole garlic, are some of the pickles to offer

Gado Gado

Traditional Indonesian salad with boiled potatoes, cabbage, beans, sprouts, bean curd with a warm peanut & coconut dressing

Spicy Raw Papaya

Grated raw papaya, diced tomato, chopped green chili, lemon juice, Thai chilly paste and powdered roasted peanuts



Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Char-grilled and served with chocolate fondue, strawberry yogurt dipping sauce

Baked Alaska


Crepe Suzette

With orange Marmalade and Nougat

Crème Brule

Flamed at site

Molten Chocolate

Freshly baked

Berry Bar

With fresh raspberries, strawberries & blueberries served in a carved watermelon with brown sugar, whipping cream

Chocolate Pecan Pie

With cappuccino whipping cream