Chef Ramit Wason

Executive Chef

Every epic fairytale always has a rely-on man who handles the best of the best and the worst of the worst in every possible situation. The front man of the Kitchen art co is Ramit – Our executive chef and sole backbone.

Ramit is responsible for baking the taste of life into The Kitchen Art’s Crust, adding the spices of variety into the kitchen art recipes, and molding the aroma of divine dinning into the Kitchen art batters. He adds spice to the variety of life and exuberance to the tip of your taste buds.

Chef Ramit has amassed a wealth of culinary experience over the last 23 years with his vast exposure to variouscultures & cuisines. He aims to introduce a wave of culinary innovation, so wide and so intoxicating that it will take your breath away

He believes his strength lies in developing young talent and the greatest satisfaction comes from watching his team, work well and bring smiles to happy guests.

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